Composer-based Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 project scaffolding with code linting, tests and automated builds (CI) integration.

Drupal project template with code linting, tests, CI and deployments.

Click here to see template for Drupal 8 project CircleCI

Click here to see template for Drupal 7 project CircleCI

Project workflow

What is included

Project Initialisation

Build workflow

Automated build is orchestrated to run stages in separate containers, allowing to run tests in parallel and fail fast.

CircleCI build workflow


Why Ahoy?

Why not Lando, DDEV, Docksal?

Why use amazeeio containers?

Why CircleCI?

Why dependencies.io?


Paid support

Integrated Experts can provide support for Drupal-Dev in your organisation:

Contact us at support@integratedexperts.com

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